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Maintenance-free SEAMLESS (coved) solid surface shower pan and walls, tub surrounds, bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops.

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Phil Johnson’s Counter Fitters is determined to meet the needs of its customers with professionalism and unparalleled efficiency.  I am very skilled and knowledgeable, and enjoy customizing my jobs to meet your particular needs and requirements.
  • Custom Seamless Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Seamless Shower Surrounds
  • Seamless Bathtub Surrounds
  • Seamless Shower Pans
  • Seamless Shower Walls
  • Custom Solid Surface Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks
  • Farmhouse Sinks
  • Island Countertops
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Shower Floors
  • Custom Bathtubs
  • Walk-In Bathtubs
  • Seamless Sink Drains
  • Hidden Shower Drains
  • RV Countertops
We offer competitive Pricing. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are Sacramento’s #1 Solid Surface Fabricator and Installer, contact us today for a free in-home consultation and estimate! 


Products & Brands Offered 

Solid Surfacing

Quartz Surfacing

Plastic Laminate 

Our services include:
Free Estimates, sales, installation, fabrication, service, re-finishing, design assistance and budget planning and Competitive Pricing! 
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Seamless Shower Walls and Pans  
Seamless solid sufrace showers are the elegant, no-hassle showers solution. Made of one continuous piece of material and thus completely free of frames, grout, and caulk, these sleek showers ensure you never have to scrub mold and residue out of shower crevices again.
When you’re ready to renovate your bathroom, choose a shower solution that won’t leave you high and dry.  Ordinary shower systems are unsightly and old-fashioned, and require endless cleaning and upkeep. Grout and caulked seams are a never-ending source of work as they age and crack. Leaks, mold, and constant caulk and grout replacement are just the beginning. With seamless showers, you will never again have to clean or repair a rotting line of caulk.
Seamless showers are the most modern and sleek shower option on the market today, utilizing contemporary shapes and materials. 
While the design work is unquestionably beautiful, aesthetics are by no means the only reason to invest in a seamless shower for your home. Marketers understand the frustration and headache of constantly cleaning and scrubbing showers, as evidenced by the untold variety of grout and mold cleaners available at convenience stores across the country. Seamless showers virtually eliminate the need for any of those scrub brushes, grout scrapers, and harsh mold-killing chemicals. Never again will you spend an entire afternoon scrubbing grout, caulk, and mold in your shower.
The harsh cleaners used to kill mold and bleach grout and caulk are not just expensive and offensive to the senses, they’re also bad for your health. Grout and mold killers require strong ventilation when using because they contain VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds. These are known to cause any number of health issues. When your seamless shower never needs to be scrubbed with harsh chemicals, you never again need to put your health and the health of the planet at risk just to keep your chower clean.
Custom Seamless Corian Kitchen Countertops
Your kitchen countertops can be the centerpiece of your kitchen, so they should be made of the best and most beautiful materials available. Corian by DuPont is a favorite because of its durability, wide selection of colors and designs, and how easy it is to maintain.
Corian Solid Surfaces are a perfect addition to your kitchen because they are also incredibly versatile.  Corian is non-porous, it doesn’t collect dirt, food and fluids that might otherwise become trapped and cause odors or mildew to form. And because Corian is a seamless material, you also don’t have to worry about any unwanted materials becoming trapped in cracks and seams in kitchen countertops.
If you are looking for the perfect addition to your kitchen that is the marriage of beauty and function, Corian Solid Surface might be the perfect material for your kitchen countertops.